How to prepare for the interview:

Interview Tips

An interview can often seem like a bit of a daunting prospect; A face to face meeting with a complete stranger who will be judging every minute detail about you from the outset. Luckily, QPR is here to soothe those nerves and offer you our top interview tips that are bound to impress any prospective employer!

Be punctual and look smart.

It seems like a basic thing to say but make sure you know where your interview is! Punctuality is essential in impressing a potential employer. Arriving five minutes late to your interview because you got lost does not make a good first impression, perform a dry run the day before or worst case scenario leave home early! Aim to arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your interview time. If you arrive early, go get a coffee and compose yourself, do not announce yourself at reception an hour before you are due to interview!

It is also important to be dressed smart when attending any interview. It will give a good first impression to your interviewer. A firm handshake and confident eye contact will also reassure interviewers.


Preparation is key.


Make sure you have done detailed research on the company you are interviewing and the interviewer. There is so much information available on the web there really are no excuses! You should know what they do, how they operate and in what countries/territories, the name of their CEO/Director and a little about their history. It can get pretty embarrassing if you are asked why you want to work somewhere and your knowledge is not up to scratch.

Know your CV.

Be prepared to be grilled on anything and everything on your CV. These are your experiences that make you suitable for the role so make sure you know your CV in great detail. Ensure you are always relating experiences on your CV to the skills and personality traits needed for the role you are applying for and be honest. If you have concerns over an aspect of your CV run it past your recruitment consultant for advice prior to the interview.

Ask Questions

Make sure you have a set of questions prepared to ask the interviewer throughout or at the end of an interview. Try and make them as detailed and well though thought as possible. Try to avoid generic questions and really get to the heart of what the job and the company is about.

Relax and be yourself

It is a cliché but this is perhaps the most crucial bit of advice on the list. No interviewer wants to heara list of pre-prepared answers. You need to let your personality shine through and show your enthusiasm for the job you are interviewing for.